Goya Rice & Black Beans Seasoned

Goya® Seasoned Rice & Black Beans. Rice with black beans. For microwave instructions, see inside pouch. Now, instead of plain rice or potatoes, you can please everyone with something that's both spectacular and special: Goya® rice & black beans. You make it in only 30 minutes and turn out with a superb, authentic taste...with fluffy long grain rice and firm rich black beans, red and green peppers, and our own secret spices. Why not surprise your family tonight with Goya® rice & black beans! Some great Goya ideas for dinner! Scrumptious steak. Goya® rice & black beans goes perfect with your favorite steak dinner. Serve it alongside a mixed salad of tomatoes, lettuce and onions to complete this mouth-watering meal. Perfect pork. Any way you prefer it, Goya® rice & black beans is great with pork. You can serve it alongside or mixed right in with Goya® rice & black beans for a dish creation you will love. For all the foods, recipes and cuisines of Latin America, visit goya.com the ultimate resource for Latino cooking. ©Goya Foods, Inc.