Market Basket is an independently owned and operated family grocery store that has been in business since 1971. Market Basket is know for the low prices and best customer service.

We are a community store and we enjoy getting to know our customers. A lot of our customers stop and tell us how they have been shopping at Market Basket since it was the "little store", which was a 3600 square foot store where the Alibi Restaurant and Bar stands today. Since moving to the present location in 1982, it has been expanded twice. Times have changed and the grocery industry has changed. We have adapted to the new trends while still maintaining the important qualities that existed over 40 years ago.

Remember going to the full service gas stations and the clerk would fill up your gas tank, wash your windows, and check your fluids? As the appreciated customer you would be able to just sit back and relax knowing you were in good hands. The Market Basket family still believes in providing that good old fashioned service.

We like to keep it simple providing the same customer service that our customers have enjoyed for decades. You don't need a store card to get any of the sale items. We believe in giving everyone all the great deals that we are able to offer. In addition to our weekly ad prices, Market Basket runs in store specials throughout all of the departments.

We are a full service grocery store offering fresh meat, deli, and produce. We offer all of the national brands along with a lot of specialty label, local and private label products. These private label products help you save money without sacrificing quality.

Market Basked has been voted "Simply the Best Grocery Store" by the readers of the Tribune Democrat each and every year from 2001 through 2020.

We are a family owned store and we think of our customers as part of our family. We will do everything we can to make your grocery shopping a pleasant experience.