Whink No More Yellow!

Whink® No More Yellow!®. Removes yellowing caused by rust and hard water. For washable white fabrics only uniforms, tops, pants... and much more! Net Wt. 20 oz (1.25 lb) 567 g. Whink® No More Yellow!® is a powerful whitener with detergent that removes rust stains and hard water build-up while cleaning washable white fabrics in one easy step. This unique blend of whitener and detergent is tough on rust and safe on white fabrics. No More Yellow!® also prevents rust, hard water minerals and dirt from redepositing on fabric during the rinse cycle. Use No More Yellow!® to remove minor dye stains from white fabrics washed by mistake with colored items. For the most difficult laundry stains and heavy soiling, use Whink® Wash Away®. For rust stains on colorfast fabrics, use Whink® Rust Stain Remover. Safe in septic tanks. Contains no phosphates. Comments, Questions: Call weekdays 9-4 CST Toll-Free: 1-800-247-5102. Visit: www.whink.com. © 2016 Whink Products Company.