De-Solv-It® Pro Strength Contractors' Solvent™ with Quick Release™ 12 fl. oz. Bottle

Cut through grease, grime, gunk and the most stubborn, sticky messes like a pro with De-Solv-it Contractors’ Solvent with Quick Release. This professional-strength cleaner and spot remover is tough enough to get through just about anything, yet gentle enough to be used on clothing to eliminate stains. The biodegradable formula contains no phosphates, chlorinated solvents, benzene or other artificial chemicals for 100% organic, fast-acting power you can even use to keep your skin and hair clean. Confidently tackle a wide range of messes involving caulk, silicone, tar, paint, grease, synthetic lubricants, soap scum, adhesives of all kinds, and much, much more. The handy spray bottle makes the cleaner easy to apply to surfaces from all angles, and it can safely be used on automobiles, clothing, concrete, fiberglass, metal, stone, wood, most hard surfaces and even skin. The powerful formulation of ingredients inside means you’ll never again have to scrape and scrub for hours on end. Quickly and safely clean almost everything in your home from your furniture to your tools with De-Solv-it Quick Release Contractors’ Solvent. Professional-strength general-purpose cleaner removes adhesives, grease, caulk, silicone, tar, wet paint and much more Convenient, portable and handy 12 fl. oz. spray bottle makes it easy to cover any surface from all angles Biodegradable, 100% organic and environmentally friendly formula ensures safe use Powerful formula cuts through gunk in seconds and the really tough stuff in only minutes Safe for use on autos, concrete, equipment, metal, wood, even on clothing and your skin Can also be used in the laundry to eliminate stains