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    33.8 fluid ounce








    Other Information: Store at room temperature. Cold weather may temporarily cloud this product. Misc: No. 1 dentist recommended brand. No artificial flavors, sweeteners, dyes. Equally effective (vs. Listerine Fluoride rinses). 99% natural formula with fluoride. Sodium fluoride & acidulated phosphate topical solution. Natural fluoride formula for stronger teeth, restores essential minerals to enamel & kills bad breath germs. Restores minerals and strengthens enamel to help prevent cavities. Listerine Naturals Anticavity is over 99% natural, with ingredients derived from plant sources (eucalyptus, cornmint, ajwain seeds, and oil of wintergreen) and mineral fluoride. The remaining 1% is essential to blend the ingredients for product efficacy. To learn more, visit www.listering.com/naturals. Meets USP Assay Test 2. Please recycle.